Sitting at Fox Hopyard while my two youngest are at golf. Beautiful day to get some work done in the sun….before the heat….and I am in the shade….I hate the smell of my cooked flesh.

Good morning all

If you are a first time #IndieWeb summit attendee, either in person or remote, and would like help joining the wiki let me know, we can get you signed in and even post your goals for the weekend here:…

Hey everyone! Getting excited for the #IndieWeb summit. Who am I going to see? Meet? You coming? Gonna join remote?

Alright back on with full membership and with the rank and priveledge that bestows. May have to leave the bird machine full time as my POSSE account keeps getting suspended

Hey community @eddie and I hoping everyone who is around may stop by #IndieWebCamp Online

Hey everyone we remixed the badge from dhh and if your website receives mentions, and you meet badge criteria listed on… just let me know and we can isuue you a verifiable “no facebook badge”

What’s your Splatfest team? Someone must be playing. 🎮

Random idea. What if emojis triggered the correct microformats for different post types so.

🏁📗 Outputed a read post with the a tag of finished?