Glad to have the microblog ActivityPub sorted. Thought I could use is as a go between to my site but @eddie let me know I would need a Micropub tool for that to happen.

So I can syndicate, I dig that.

Hello all. Hope you are are having a wondeful eveining.

Anyone know how long this usualluy takes “SSL status: requested. is setting up the secure (SSL) version of your custom domain name. People won’t be able to follow you on Mastodon until that is ready.”

Anyone know why my page and my timeline look different. I have many post that do not display on my public feed:

Okay waiting for DNS to populate, hoping microblog ActivityPub helps me with syndication woes…For a bit, as a WordPress user, I was real intentional in syndicating to networks.

Known sites, Syndication and webmentons

This is very itntersting. A webmention from a Known site, when you syndicate a feed gets posted twice. Checkout… as a reply to… which also resulted in …nevermind there is no link to the comment on just back to my site. I will continue to explore.

Okay I changed my feed so now only stuff tagged microblog will syndicate. Its one more thing to add in WordPress but should help me siphon convos to the correct channels.

Sitting in a coordinator meeting at work. Just said they are going to do all communication and data collection by email. 😀🔫

Probably the wrong crowd to ask, I might as well go to Boston and ask about the Yankeees, but I am rebuilding my follower list. Who are your must haves for Android news?